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Visit Us: 10139 82 (Whyte) Avenue, Edmonton.

Kevin Murphy at PUR Beauty Lounge

Kevin Murphy Salon on Whyte Ave
Kevin Murphy

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    Incredible product line

    As you know, Our Mission Statement for PÜR Beauty Lounge was one focused on Luxury and Experience while Minimizing our Environmental Footprint in an Industry that is known for its Chemicals and lack of focus on the Environment.  So as you can imagine, when we were searching for our primary product and color line, finding a line that was as environmentally concious as we are was paramount.  We had many sit downs with Beauty Wholesalers, Sales Reps and Brand Reps.

    After many hours of meetings and deliberation we decided to Embrace Kevin Murphy as not only our Primary Product Line,  but also as our Primary Color Line. Kevin’s focus on not only the environment, but also on using natural, and on occaison Vegan and Gluten Free products was directly inline with what we wanted to showcase in our Salon.

    If you arent familiar with Kevin Murphy and his product line, I encourage you to check out the videos below. The packaging on Kevins Products is moving to 100% Ocean Waste Plastics. This means that he pulls garbage plastics out of our oceans, recycles them, and uses them to make his packaging. This is one just ONE of the many reasons we chose this line.

    Take a moment and check out the videos below. Not only is this a luxury product, but it is one of the few that actually does what it says it does. Being someone who has thinning and falling out hair (and has for the last 10 years) I have tried a number of professional product lines aimed at thinning hair.. Kevin Murphy was the only product line that not only made my hair stop falling out, but is prompting new hair growth. It is an Incredible product line.

    Kevin Murphy’s Color Line – COLOR.ME

    If you’re not overly familiar with Kevin Murphy’s Color Line – COLOR.ME, you truly have to try it. COLOR.ME is one of the very few Color Lines that are completely Ammonia and PPD free. For those of you who that don’t know what PPD means; PPD is a progressive allergen, which means, the more you use it, the more of an allergy to it you get. PPD and Ammonia are two of those chemicals that are in almost every single color line available. What is truly incredible about this product, is Clients that have gained an allergy to color over time and havent been able to color their hair without allergic reactions, have been able to use Kevin Murphy’s Color.Me without Incident. To be clear: I am not saying that it will not affect everyone, every body reacts differently. But on the handfull that have tried it, they have fallen inlove with it as now they are able to color their hair once more.

    PÜR Beauty Lounge Carries the Entire Kevin Murphy Product and Color Line, why wait? Come see for yourself what makes this line so incredible.