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PUR Beauty Lounge Offers Express Colors Services

Swift and Stellar Solutions for Your Hair Color Needs

Have you avoided hair coloring appointments in the past because you thought they would take too long? Well, thanks to the professionals in the hair industry, there is a new, faster way to get the job done in 10 minutes or less! MEGIX10 Color products help our clients get the hair color treatments they need to cover up roots, fix fades, and help you achieve your hair goals without long, tiring appointments in the chair.

Pair this product with our stellar stylists, and you can get the hairstyle of your dreams. Our team here in Edmonton, AB have helped plenty of clients over the years. What we really enjoy about our profession, though, is the constant changes in the industry and with people’s personal styles. We love taking on a new challenge and cannot wait to meet you and discuss your goals to see how we can achieve them together. You can either give us a call to set up your consultation or schedule your hair or color service online.

Express Color Gets You In and Out in 10 Minutes!

Our staff understands the delicacy of having a bad hair day, which is why we work with this modern and outstanding product. Consider this scenario – You get called up to make a presentation at work, but because you’ve been so busy, there has been no time to get into the salon. Simply call PUR Beauty Lounge and let us know when you can get into see us. We will work around your schedule and get your hair colored quickly using the MEGIX10 express color system. Most other coloring products require 30-40 minutes for the color to set in, but with this innovative product, we can get your color set in 10 minutes, cutting the time you would typically have in the chair by more than half. We could even get you into a chair on your lunch break with excellent, show-stopping results. Tackle the presentation with confidence and flair thanks to the help of our professional hairstylists and colorists.

Sky’s the Limit When Considering a New Color

Don’t think just because we offer quick services that your choices are limited when it comes to color! MEGIX10 has created a line to help reach any desired color you may already have or want to change to in our salon lounge. They have created over 80 wonderful different shades for you to choose from, consisting of 74 natural shades and six high lift. We can work these colors into your base color or create something fun, new, and exciting. Our goal is to have you walking out of our beauty lounge with the confidence to nail the job interview, go out on that first date, and standout in your group of friends.

Long Lasting Color Options Thanks to Express Color

You can also count on our Express Color options to last! You get all the benefits of traditional coloring systems but in a much shorter time frame. Other coloring products boasting this shortened time frame in the chair tend to require another appointment within two weeks or less. MEGIX10 gives you beautiful, long-lasting color with unmatched vibrancy, no matter the shade you choose. Combined with our team’s skill and dedication, you can be sure to get your desired results every time.

PUR Ensures Healthy Hair with Express Color Services

This new color system also leaves your hair feeling healthy and natural. Other products can dry out your hair and require more washing and conditioning, which leads to premature color fading. Express Coloring maintains your natural texture while boosting the appearance with vibrant colors. You will also retain your natural shine to really make your new color pop while you’re out on the town.

Reach Out to PUR Beauty Lounge Today for Color Services and More

Not only do we help you achieve your hair color goals, but you can rely on our professional stylists when you need chemical treatments, cuts, styling, and even waxing services. We have helped those in Edmonton, AL creates the hair they have been dreaming of. And thanks to our unique salon lounge, you can relax like never before while in our chairs. Don’t forget to bring your ID as well because we have a plethora of drinks to offer from champagne to bourbon, coffee, or tea. We want you to be as relaxed as possible while at PUR Beauty Lounge. Call today to schedule your hair, coloring, waxing, and more or go online to request them!